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                                                                                        What clients say about me........

 "Tina's input throughout my pregnancy was invaluable.  She supported me and my decisions wholeheartedly and made an unbelievable difference to my experience" - Stacey, Burton on Trent

 "I wouldn't have achieved this perfect birth without the endless knowledge and support of my doula, Tina.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting a VBAC - she's worth every single penny." - Jenny, Swadlincote   


 "Not only was Tina professional, and a fantastic resource as a doula, she is a very warm and likeable person with a great sense of humour, with the ability to remain calm in difficult times. I don't know how we would have coped without her." Lisa, Aldridge

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done to support us before and during our baby's birth.  The memory of his birth we will always treasure and you were a critical part in making it happen." S & T, Lichfield

 "Thank you so much for everything you did for us - you were a fantastic and reassuring help and I would have been terrified without you! You made the birth so much more relaxed." Sarah, Streetly.

Melissa and David, Derby - homebirth

"As soon as I met Tina, I knew she was the right doula for my family. She was honest, open and passionate, exactly what I was looking for. Throughout my pregnancy her presence offered me reassurance and helped reaffirm my belief in myself and my body. It is hard to put into words the support that Tina offered, as it was so deep and strengthening to my experience that I could not have imagined being without her. It has left a lasting impression upon my family and myself, I feel privileged to have shared such a sacred moment with someone who so truly understood my emotions and what I was seeking. Thank you Tina for your unconditional support."

Claire and Jim, Derby - homebirth

We decided quite early on in my pregnancy that we wanted a home birth but as the weeks went on I started getting more and more nervous - I had done lots of research and knew that it was what I wanted but there's only so much negativity you can listen to from people before it starts to have an effect! As soon as we met Tina though, all of that changed - she put everything in perspective and made us feel completely relaxed and excited about our decision to have a homebirth. Tina was always happy to talk through any questions we had (no matter how silly), and she seemed as excited as we were about our birth plan! During my labour Tina was fantastic support to both me and my husband - she made us both feel calm and safe, and enabled us to have the quiet, private birth we had hoped for. We can't recommend Tina enough!

Emma and Adrian, Bromsgrove - homebirth

After deciding to have a homebirth for the birth of my first baby, I started researching online and am so pleased that I came across Tina Coley. I started to attend the homebirth group she runs every month which was a real eye opener to what lay ahead of me but also a MASSIVE source of information and without a doubt it was these meetings that made me want a homebirth even more. I wanted comfort, familiarity, love, support and most of all peace and I got exactly that! It was at one of these meetings I realised that I wanted and needed a doula, I wanted the extra support as I was entering the unknown. Soon after it was official and Tina was booked. My first birth was amazing, it was everything I had hoped for and dreamed about and I can hand on heart say it would have been a very different event if Tina had not been there. My waters broke 46hrs before my son was born and I was under enormous pressure to be induced but knowing I had such an experienced birth partner by my side gave me the confidence to stick to my original plan. Tina arrived before the midwives and me and my husband really needed that extra support, her presence calmed me down and it gave my husband a break by rubbing my shoulders, getting me a drink and generally making sure I was happy and comfortable. She stayed until I was tucked up in bed with my baby sleeping. I really could go on and on about the benefits of a doula as they are endless, Tina gave me emotional support in the last few weeks/days, endless texts and calls with questions and moans I needed to discuss, emotional support on the day by encouraging me and calming my fears and emotional support after the birth with breastfeeding by help over the phone and coming to see me. None of this dedication would be offered by a midwife.

I had my second homebirth 9 weeks ago and it was another lovely, peaceful and amazing experience that has changed me as a person. This time I booked Tina on the day I found out I was pregnant - I was not running the risk that she would be booked elsewhere!

Allison and Amit, Derby - transfer to hospital from planned homebirth


Tina was a godsend! My partner had a rather traumatic birth with our daughter in 2010 by Caesarean Section and this time around was adamant to ensure she was mentally, emotionally and physically in the best place she could be in order to have a great birth journey. A huge part of this was having the right support at her side. We both know that without Tina's amazing support, advice, love and kindness, the birth would certainly have not gone as wonderfully as it did. We had a great labour experience at home, and due to my partner's back issues plus the size and timing of our little fella (9lb at 43 weeks!) we ended up in Hospital where Tina's support carried on and our chap was born a few hours later with a little help from a pair of forceps and wonderful team of doctors and nurses. I truly feel that every family-to-be could do with a Doula at their birth, and Tina was fantastic.


Tina has been worth her weight in gold! After having quite a traumatic birth with my daughter (emcs), I was determined that this pregnancy and birth were going to be very positive experiences. Tina was fantastic emotional and practical support and was there for me whenever I needed her. I had a few wobbles during the pregnancy, but a phone call to Tina always put my mind at rest.

During my labour at home Tina was an amazing presence. She held the energy of the space very calmly and strongly. Both me and my partner felt very safe with her. When it came to it that I needed to go into hospital I felt completely confident to go in. Tina had tried everything to help my baby to come out without assistance, and the midwives also helped a great deal. When the decision to transfer into hospital was made, I knew that we had done everything possible to get my baby out without intervention. My baby was finally delivered by forceps just two hours after transferring into hospital. I felt completely positive and confident about the forceps delivery and I know this was 100% due to the support and knowledge that I had had from Tina throughout the pregnancy and the labour. 

A wonderfully positive pregnancy, an amazing and positive birth, and a wonderful new life with baby number two! A huge part of this is due to Tina's help and support throughout. 

I would recommend her without hesitation to anybody wanting a positive pregnancy and birth.

Lucy and Andrew, Bromsgrove - hospital birth

The moment I met Tina I knew she was the person to guide my husband and I through giving birth again. I'd had a long and traumatic first birth and was very anxious about having to go through it all again. Tina was so friendly and genuinely caring. Her confidence in my ability to give birth naturally was infectious.
I had complications towards the end of my pregnancy and Tina was there to support my husband and I every step of the way. She was always available to take calls and was incredibly knowledgable. Her hugs were endless.  

I ended up being induced at 37 weeks and was worried this was going to mean I would end up with another medicalised birth. As it was, I had the perfect birth. My labour was 3 hours in total and I only required a small amount of gas and air during transition.

Tina actually arrived 10 minutes after our son was born but it really didn't matter. I genuinely think my birth was a positive experience due to the confidence I had in my own abilities, which is all thanks to Tina. She had prepared me so well, I knew I could do it.

Lisa and Ian, Aldridge - hospital birth

"I had a nervous breakdown in October 2007, and my husband has a blood injury phobia. Between us we felt we needed more support for the birth......For my husband the birth had become a source of fear and dread - being able to have the knowledge that I would have someone with me the whole time and that he didn’t have to be was immensely relieving for him.......Tina helped us to prepare my birth plan and she explained the pros and cons of various procedures.  We felt that not only did she demonstrate a wide knowledge regarding birth, but she could pull on her experience as a mum to give us advice and information. We knew we could call or email her at any time with queries, no matter how silly they may be, and she kept in contact regularly to ensure that we were doing okay...... Not only was Tina professional, and a fantastic resource as a doula, she is a very warm and likeable person with a great sense of humour, and the ability to remain calm in difficult times.  I don't know how we would have coped without her." 

Emma and Matt, Hagley - VBAC in hospital


When I was pregnant with my second child, I wanted to experience a natural birth as 1st time around I felt cheated of the chance as I ended up having an emergency caesarean section.  After doing some research I discovered that a doula could help me, someone recommended Tina Coley….As soon as I contacted Tina we got along straight away, I knew that she was right for me.  She met me a few times before the birth which is where I formed a special bond with her, she explained everything to us and instantly put both myself and my husband at ease.  On the day it all happened very quickly - Tina was there from the word GO.  When Tina arrived at our house and entered the room a sense of friendship came with her presence.  This helped with my contractions.  Tina’s knowledge, positive attitude and warm nature was overwhelming to have at our birth.  I know that I would have not been able to achieve a water birth as a VBAC if Tina was not present, I felt totally at ease when my labour progressed and it was a privilege to have Tina at our magical birth experience.  Next time round we would without a question have Tina at our next birth. 



My wife and I were expecting our second child, I was particularly scared of the birth after our experience last time.

Our first child was born via an emergency c-section, the labour and our experience in hospital was not a pleasurable one. From a husband’s point of view seeing your wife going through child birth can be somewhat daunting and from my experience a scary event.

So based on my inhibitions and my wife’s determination to have a natural birth with our second child, my wife learned about and researched a doula, and in particular Tina.

On meeting Tina I found her to be relaxed, reassuring and someone who made things simple. Most importantly though a person who my wife had faith and trust in.

On the day of the birth my wife was 4 days early; her labour was progressing well at home, however was moving quickly. From my point of view I found Tina to be a pillar of strength both in my early exchanges on the phone and in her presence at our home and then in hospital.

Tina’s calm reassuring persona and her knowledge was the main difference and deciding factor between my wife going down the same route in hospital with our first child, and achieving my wife’s ambitions and dreams of having a natural water birth to a gorgeous 8lb baby girl.

We couldn’t have achieved this without Tina’s support and attitude coupled with her knowledge and willingness to help Emma.

Tina, words can’t express how much your help and guidance meant to us and how you have changed my feelings towards labour and child birth from a male’s perspective. Thank you so much Tina.

Jenny and Steve, Burton on Trent - VBAC in hospital


Tina’s knowledge and experience with regards to research into VBAC was endless and she was able to provide me with information to make my own decisions with regard to the birth I wanted.  She supported me personally at a consultant appointment during which it was agreed that I could have a water birth.  Her knowledge and confidence in that meeting made the registrar question herself and resulted in this agreement when a further opinion was sought.  I would not have known my rights in this area without having met Tina.  The last ante-natal appointment with Tina gave me the confidence to go into labour knowing what I was doing and how I was planning to cope.  Regular contact on the run up to labour by phone meant all of my little questions and niggles were answered and discussed.  I had a handful of appointments with my NHS midwife who was in agreement with all I wanted but never provided me with any information or support.

The support I had in the run up meant I felt calm and in control when I went into labour.  Tina came to the house as soon as I asked her to (which was pretty soon!) and on arrival could see my labour had progressed quickly.  She was hands on and supportive from the start, suggesting positions – and helping me change my knickers and trousers when my waters broke all over the dining room floor!  On arrival at hospital she was a calming influence keeping me as relaxed as possible.  She ensured the midwife read my birth plan, which incidentally they never asked to see until Tina showed them.  Whilst standing up for me she let me make my own decisions.  She kept really positive and even made throwing up seem like a positive thing to be doing!!

I feel elated to have achieved my perfect birth.  Tina was genuinely pleased for me and felt like a real friend. She was there the whole time and explained everything that was going on, talked me down when I started to panic and ultimately helped me achieve the perfect birth, exactly as I had planned and imagined it.

However I do believe I wouldn't have achieved this perfect birth without the endless knowledge and support of my doula, Tina.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting a VBAC.