better birth doulas

For friendly and relaxed birth support throughout the Midlands,  call Tina on 07515  527199

Birth Doula Service :

What do I do as your doula?

I can help you by

  • being at the end of the telephone

  • coming out to you when you are in labour

  • encouraging you to be calm and relaxed during your labour being mindful of your birth plan and supporting you at  home before a midwife arrives.           

  • encouraging your partner in supporting you

  • doing all I can to ensure that your privacy and your wishes are respected

  • loaning you a birth pool, should you need one

  • staying with you until after your baby has been born

  • helping you to establish that first feed

  • ensuring you feel confident about the next feed

  • leaving you warm and safe in bed, cuddling and kissing your newborn

How can I help you in the days after the birth?

  • coming by to admire you and your beautiful baby!

  • keeping an eye on the feeding

  • listening to you as you talk through your birth story

  • still being available by phone and text for six weeks to answer any questions you may have

Postnatal Doula Service :

What does a postnatal doula do?

  • I will help you as you adjust to life as a new parent
  • my role involves doing whatever is needed, whether that be            running the Hoover round, cooking a meal, helping you to              breastfeed, or just keeping an eye on your baby or     other children as you enjoy a well earned rest. 
  • my aim is simply to encourage you to have confidence when         looking after your newborn, to recognise your baby's cues and to know how to respond.
  • I have a wealth of mother to mother breastfeeding experience and can help to make this special relationship with your baby a good one.

How often will I visit?

That is entirely up to you! You may need me all day every day for a number of weeks, or you may choose to have me for just a few hours a week in order to recharge your batteries.  I will do my best to fit in with whatever works for you.

Antenatal classes :

Birth Preparation :

If you feel that you don't need a full birth doula service but would like a little help in planning and preparing for the birth, then this one-to-one session could be just what you're looking for!

This session will include help in putting together a birth plan; understanding what can be done to make birth quicker and easier; positions for labour and birth; the role of the partner; breathing and relaxation techniques.

Birth preparation typically takes around three hours and takes place at your                                    home or mine. 

VBAC Preparation :

An intensive session that concentrates on achieving a successful VBAC.  We will debrief the last birth during the course of this session and moving on from there we can put together an appropriate birth plan. Understanding what went wrong last time and how to avoid it is key to your VBAC birth plan, and although nothing can guarantee the perfect birth, by empowering you to make your own decisions, you are much more likely to have a positive birth experience.

VBAC Preparation can take place at your home or mine and will take a                                            minimum of three hours.